LED Signs...  Goodbye Neon

In an effort to be more environmentally sensitive, we have discontinued use of NEON and instead, added this great line of energy saving LED signs.  Be sure to scroll all the way down to see all choices.  Prices include direct shipping. 
All electric signs are interior signs.

Neon Vs LED          LED Care           LED FAQ's

Prices are subject to change without notice.  Buyer assumes all responsibility for complying with all local  zoning & signage regulations.

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Know Why LED Signs are Better Than Neon Signs:

Most, if not all businesses require lighted signage. In today's fast and furious race to the top, having the most colorful and the most creative business signs is a surefire way of getting noticed. Although not all signage are created equal, using LED signs is definitely a better alternative than using neon signs.

Why switch from Neon Sign to LED sign?

>> LED signs are brighter than neon signs, they are more noticeable!
>> LED signs are more energy efficient, it consumes up to 90% less electricity than neon signs!
>> LED signs last up to 100,000 hours of usage
>> LED signs do not dim instantly; neon signs do, no negative effect on your business when lights go off!
>> LED signs are great for indoor use and perfect for window advertisement
>> LED signs do not use mercury, it will never leak poisonous gasses
>> LED signs are very easy to maintain
>> LED signs have more color options available
>> LED signs are more affordable than comparable neon signs

And lastly,

>> LED signs incorporate movement in their designs. It can flash, change colors, animate in many ways, and even have graphics!

Embrace technology and move on with the times as LED signs have come to replace the neon sign technology. LED signs are the future of window advertisement. Make the switch and let LED signs offer you endless possibilities.

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While using chemical product to clean LED lights, make sure to clean all liquid from the surface. Don't leave chemical product on the surface longer than 3 minutes. Avoid using chemical such as the chloroethylene or acetone because these produce will cause LED light to fade.


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LED FAQ's                   <Go Back>

Neon signs are being replaced by LED signs. Read on to find out why!

Q: What are the advantages of LED over neon sign?

A: The most glaring differences between neon sign and LED sign is that LED is brighter than neon sign. Its higher visibility makes LED a more effective signage than neon signs. LED signs also consume less electricity than neon sings: averaging 10 watts of power, LED consumes 6 to 10 times less power than an average neon sign. Lower operation cost can be expected if a retail business switches from neon sign to LED sign. Compare to neon sign, LED signs dims over time. Neon signs and other traditional lighted signage dim instantly, which often has immediate negative effects on a business. Finally, LED signs are lighter than neon signs. Its slim and lightweight design makes it easy to install and maintain. Because of these many benefits, LED signs are the preferred signage choice over neon signs.

Q: How long does LED light last?

A: LED light is very durable and is reputed to last up to 100,000 hours of usage. Its durability makes LED signs a better and cost effective outdoor and indoor sign than neon signs.

Q: What is your warranty policy?

A: All of our LED products come with a one-year full product warranty. In the rare event that you received a defect product, you can exchange or return the product without any service charges. There is no risk involved. So switch from neon sign to LED now!

Q: What is your return and exchange policy?

A: We pride ourselves in providing high quality LED products and services. To make sure that you are completely satisfied, you can exchange the stock LED neon signs you purchased from us with no questions asked! For all returned products, a 25% restocking fee will be applied if the LED products are returned within 30 days. Customers is responsible for the return shipping and handling fee. 

Q: How do you ship your products?

A: We ship all our LED neon signs through UPS and FedEx. You can choose to ship via ground, 3-day, or next day delivery.

Q: What is the general lead-time?

A: The lead-time for stock LED neon signs is, in average, 3-7 business days. A longer lead-time of 30 days should be expected for custom LED signs.
The Most Visible Areas to Display Led Signs

Led signs are purchased to attract customers because of its vivid hues and animated features. However, putting them in the wrong places is not just a waste of money but a waste of time and effort as well. It is best to put up led signs on structures that are visible and easy to view. Fabio Aversa talks about the the best places to display led signs in his article located here.

>> LED signs and displays placed on a tall building will not be seen by anyone. The higher the location of the led signs, the more it will look smaller. Not only is this more expensive because of the additional apparatus to fix the LED walls, customers will have a difficult time looking at the displays as well.

>> LED signs on trucks and other moving vehicles. Vehicles are a fast way to advertise because they move from one area to another. Not only does this present less problems because no permission is needed from building owners, it is also a less expensive means of advertising.

>> Indoor LED signs that hang are a good way of attracting customers. Locations such as the mall generate a lot of customers and with big led signs hanging from the roof, giving additional brightness, led signs will surely call attention from the passersby due to its bright hues.

The Science of LED Signs

Electroluminescence is the process that makes LED signs work. It is an optical and electrical phenomenon wherein a material emits light in response to an electric current passing through it or to a strong electric field. It results from the radiative recombination of electrons and holes in a material, which is usually a semi-conductor. The electrons, in an excited state, produce its energy as light. Therefore, electroluminescence is basically a production of light through electrons. Before the process of recombination, however, electrons and holes can either be separated as a result of doping of the material (which is usual in LED displays) or through excitation by impact of high-energy electrons accelerated by a strong electric field. LED signs are in a p-n junction mode, which simply means that n-type material flows to the p-type material, thereby producing current and light in response to electricity.

How LED Signs Can Increase Sales

The US Small Business Administration (SBA) reported that:

1. LED Signs are cost-effective advertising mediums, amounting to 10% the cost of other advertising tools
2. LED Signs are like advertisements that go on for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
3. LED Signs act as a street salesman, attracting more customers
4. Your LED signs can be a landmark of a certain place
5. 15% to 35% of street traffic is just passers-by (vacationers and travelers). LED Signs bring great potential for single stops by those unfamiliar with the area
6. Enhancing signages with LED Signs can increase sales by 15% to 150%


One of the major expenses business owners have to deal with is the monthly electricity. While LED signs are more expensive than traditional neon signs, LED signs bring more savings in the long run. Below is a table which shows you how much savings a LED sign generates.
Light Source
LED Module
Power Usage per foot (average)
20 watts
1.5 watts
x Power Consumption (w)
3000 watts
225 watts
x 12 hours per day
36000 watts
2700 watts
x 365 days in a year
/1000 (annual kw/h)
13140 kw
985.5 kw
x cost per kw/h*
Total Annual Energy Cost

* cost per kilowatt hour is based on the 2008 commercial rates for California.

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